Double anode rectifier kenotron for voltage rectification.
Envelope: glass.
Mass 110 g.

Lead diagram

General characteristics:

Filament voltage, Volt 5
Filament (heater) current, A 50.75
Anode current (at UA=75V), mA no less than 300
Rectified current


(UA=500V, RH=1 kOhm, C=4 mkF) , mA

no less than 400
Operation time, h no less than 1000


Limited operating values:

Filament voltage, V 4.5 to 5.5
Reverse power, V 1700
Rectified current (average value), mA 420
Anode current (amplitude), mA 1.2


Operating environmental conditions :

Acceleration of vibration loads, g 2,5
by frequencies, Hz 50
Ambient temperature, С -60 to +70
Relative humidity at up to 40C, % 98



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